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5/3/06 10:36 pm - fujis - Paper Dolls/Other

You can find dates for some of the paper doll projects on my livejournal. If those of you are still unable to access these entries. Inform me and I'll figure out why LJ is deciding to be a snitch.

These dates are tentative so the production of paper dolls will not be immediate until we have at least a finalize draft. Once we do those that are in charge of production will receive a file from the manager of paper dolls and/or nini_sa. It simply depends on who gets what first and once it is approved then it will be passed along.

I know many of us are very busy at this moment in time with exams, papers, projects, and work. So do what you can at least and have fun while doing it. Pressure will not come in full blast until we get to a form of convention.

I'm am at this point working on listing the items for Art Auction. If anyone wants to add to the list of items please comment in this format by June 12.

Entry Title:
Media/Kits Used:
Minimum Bid:
Direct Sale Price:

These are for the Art Auction so if you have things like figurines, Print Outs that can be framed and isn't massive produced. Either send it to me or one of the other managers that would be informed. If you are unable to reach anyone then just simply e-mail me at [fuji_s_yuki @ Yahoo.com ] I'll store the file and distribute to where it needs that is if it is alright with arckyosuke & wetheril.

The due date for these items will be June 17th. That way it will give us time to work with what you send us.

Personal Question: I do have a question regarding Post Cards, Key Chains, and Banners. Are there set dates yet on when those are due?

3/9/06 08:04 pm - arckyosuke - Logoes.

Just want to mention, while you guys are coming up with names for the group and the book -- eventually, we'll need to design title graphics and logos based on those names, for the promotional materials, website and the book itself. It'll probably be one of next things we do, after the names have been settled, so that we can put them on those aforementioned items.

We'll have a vote for the final logoes, too, after they've been designed.

Have fun thinking of names! =)

2/27/06 11:57 pm - wetheril - One last public announcement

Hi again!

Membership to the Anthology is now closed UNLESS you can also help out in the following:

1. Designing banners/goods/promotional art for fund-raising
2. Making promotional goods to sell from templates*
3. Table at cons for fund-raising

*usually the person making the goods should also be able to table at a con. Some of the cons we have in mind, but are not limited to include:
Fanime - San Jose, CA
Anime Expo - Anaheim, CA
Yaoi Con - San Francisco, CA

3. Website design: I can host the site, but I would appreciate it if somebody is willing to site design.
4. Experience in layout: I mean, laying out the pages to submit to the printer. If you have prior experience, and would like to take on this responsibility, that would be great, otherwise, I would have to handle it.

Also, current members...please let me know if you're interested in any of these tasks!! I hope at least each of you will contribute (other than doing your pages) by participating in at least one of these. ^^ The more people who participate and volunteer in fund-raising, the less out-of-pocket money we'll need to spend for the publication.

2/26/06 07:19 pm - wetheril - Announcement: Joining the community

Hey All!!

Please do join this community if you are interested in participating in this project. Of course, I will need to approve you for membership first, but that usually isn't a problem. Many of our important announcements will be made private (only viewable to community members), so please do join so you won't miss them. The first announcement will be made around Wednesday, about task division and fund-raising options.

arckyosuke and I have talked about some fund-raising options, so it would be great if we could get input, suggestions, and volunteers right away. :D

Okay, that's it for now. ^_^

2/26/06 02:57 pm - wetheril - Welcome!

Hi there! You received an invite if you expressed interest to participate in publishing a Bleach Anthology. Things are not really up and running yet, but we will be getting there. There will be more going on over the summer, but that doesn't mean that you can't start early if you feel like it! :D

So, what is our project about?

Basically, we are aiming to publish a Bleach doujinshi anthology between 50-70 pages; try not to make page limit concern you too much. Because we only have a few members right now, I really doubt we'll each be illustrating 40 page sagas or anything like that. >D There is no limit on the content...you can do gags, serious stories, yaoi, yuri, het, etc.

As for graphic content, we'll need to take a vote on how graphic (in terms of violence and sex) we can allow members to illustrate. This is simply because some publishers don't accept certain levels of graphic content.

Currently, I don't think we'll be printing more than 50-100 copies of our doujinshi, unless our pre-order sales get extremely high.

There are a lot of things we'll need to discuss such as fundraising, website maintenance, standardization of formats for submitting pages, page counts, etc. Feel free to post your ideas and suggestions.
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